The requirement to help your child in improving their brain development does not require tons of money or a formal class. It all begins with the parents. Interacting with your child would definitely improve their development. There are a few ideas on how parents can cater this issue and help your child’s brain development.

1. Stick the tongue out

This is considered as one of the easiest methods which you can stick your tongue out using different angles especially during interacting with the baby which makes the baby react to you by laughing or etc. The gesture is considered to be a helpful way to encourage baby around 3 months and above to practice tongue control which would assist them especially in eating and speech making. Not to forget, it enables parents to begin interacting with their baby.

2. Tummy time

Now, tummy time is precious for babies up through 6 months. This so-called activity does not only help them to improve physical strength and coordination, but it is also a good way to interact. As an example, lie next to the infant or even face them and smile. Other than that, you could talk to them by sharing any fairy tale story even if they could not understand you that much. In addition, you could play with them and surely they would be happy to enjoy the moment with you.

3. Touch Sense

Here is the interesting thing about starting up a touch sense tutorial with your child. You can try to gather fabrics that have different textures and let your baby play with it in order to let you know how the touch feels like.

4. Big or small

During the toddlers phase, they love to spend time sorting various items around the house and combining it with both big or small items. By using this method, it would help them to learn about size and even math skills since they will learn to count those items and understand the measurement of certain items.

5. You must listen

Babies tend to create millions of neural pathways every day which are used in their daily lives in order to get information. From this, music would be the best as a starter kit. Try exposing the children with various types of music that vary in tone and meter.

6. The power of playing

It's common for people to play this with a baby or young infants especially when it is a key to cultivate positive brain development. The actual value of playtime with children is that it is to strengthen the bond between children and parents. These moments would definitely give children a chance to master their cognitive, communication and even social-emotional skills which are needed for future purposes.

In a nutshell, child brain development is very vital and as parents, you have the biggest role to develop it successfully. If you play your role brilliantly, your child will grow smart and healthy. With this, they will get a brighter future and there is nothing to be worried of anymore.