The need to have confidence in most women would normally start with beauty. Looking your best does not necessarily require any complicated or expensive methods. The tips of staying healthy and beautiful requires a simple yet good skincare routine.

1. Use a gentle facial cleanser

Face cleansing is vital especially in removing cosmetic products that you have put on during your day and cleaning the skin oils, bacteria, and pollutants. It is highly recommended for you to use a gentle cleanser so that you can preserve your skin barrier and keep it resistant to any harm and dehydration. Cleanser with strong ingredients like soaps can cause harshness to your skin and make it vulnerable to irritation. On the other hand, cleansers with mild ingredients would maintain the optimal skin balance.

2. Toner is a part of the package

Toners can help reduce the size of your pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing. This will help in reducing the penetration of impurities and pollutants into the skin. It can even protect and remove chlorine and minerals present in tap water.

3. Use scrub to remove dead cells

There are two prime categories of exfoliants which can be either physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants require rubbing or scrubbing action using products that have tiny particles. It helps to keep your skin soft and healthy. Meanwhile, chemical exfoliants are acids which function to remove dead cells and excess oil that can cause dull skin and blemishes.

4. Choose to pat your skin rather than rub with serum

A serum contains a higher concentration of active ingredients than a moisturizer. Normally it's good if it includes vitamin A and vitamin C in it. The serum is also used as an antioxidant in order to soak up the biological and environmental oxidative stress which could lead to aging.

5. Don’t judge a moisturizer by its usage

Moisturizer contains water-binding humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. The purpose of using this product is to fix your dry skin especially when it leads to skin dehydration. Not to forget, some moisturizer is used at night time in order to prevent water from evaporating from your skin.

6. Sunscreen matters

It is important to know that the sun’s UV rays can cause aging by damaging the collagen and causing abnormalities in elastin which will lead to thinner skin and wrinkles. In addition, it can lead to uneven pigmented patches. To avoid this, sunscreen would be the hero to save you from this tragedy. The function of it is to fade age spots, improve skin texture and flatten out the wrinkles by a percentage. Also, you can protect your skin from the sun in other ways as well.

7. Remember, skin trauma existed

One of the main reasons for skin wrinkles is because of the damage to your skin and also older skin tends to be more fragile, which may lead to a larger effect. With that, it is important to avoid any strong rubbing motions after you wash your face and apply your cosmetic products.

8. All your body parts matter

Apart from your face, the important parts are also your neck, chest, and hands. It is vital to not neglect those areas and always keep them covered in sunscreen and also use other suitable products.

In conclusion, it is important for you to keep good skin care as it helps your skin to stay in good condition. Hence, an effective skin care routine would surely shine the beauty within you.